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Ronarn is the capital of the Caropsyne Administrative District of King's Droganl. It is compromised of a series of communes linked together to form the town. It is one of the smaller cities of Carops, with a population of around 41,000. Ronarn dates back to the Pelsai period, when it was the capital of the Vaelc of Droganl, under the Firnan Dynasty. The city was raised by the Lindite conquerers, but was substantially rebuilt, with some Pelsai buildings redesigned and rebuilt. Unfortunately, the indigenous Pelsai population of Ronarn were mostly replaced with Lindites, although much of Droganl remained staunchly Pelsai for many years. Today, the mixed heritage of the population due to interbreeding has meant that 76% of the population is described as simply "Caropsyne" rather than Lindite or Pelsai. Ronarn is thought of as a quiet city and is famous for its doctors. The town enjoys panoramic views over much of the Bay of Droganl, with a number of communes on the sea. Ronarn is also home to the Pontanore Fleet Training School, the oldest military academy for naval officers in the Pontanore.

[edit] Famous Buildings


Above: The ancient Ronarn Town Hall, dating from the late Pelsai period.

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